Sunday, 29 December 2013

Installation of Enterprise Portal in Ax 2012

Enterprise Portal installation in AX 2012

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a web-based application framework that allows for users to interact with data in Microsoft Dynamics AX through a web browser. You can create new content for Enterprise Portal, and also modify existing content. Most additions and changes can be made using resources in the Application Object Tree (AOT) in combination with SharePoint. More advanced applications and modifications can be created by using Visual Studio and the development framework for Enterprise Portal.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a set of web sites that give you access to data. On these sites, you can also participate in business processes by using web-based forms. These sites are collectively called Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Enterprise Portal requires one of the following SharePoint products.

    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

    Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013

    Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Enterprise Portal can be configured to display role-specific home pages that are called Role Centers. Role Centers provide an overview of information that pertains to a user's job function in the business or organization. This information includes transaction data, alerts, links, and common tasks that are associated with the user's role in the company. Role Centers also include reports that are generated by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services or Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 includes more than two dozen predefined Role Centers, which users can access from Enterprise Portal or the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.
Enterprise Portal security

As you read about Enterprise Portal sites and features in this topic, know that Enterprise Portal uses multiple security features to restrict information and data access. Only users who have been granted permissions by the Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator can view information, data, or sites. Users who lack appropriate permissions receive an error when they try to view information or data, or they are presented with an empty Web page