Friday, 17 October 2014

Multiple Select Value stored in Record AX 2012

Give string Length 500 in property

Note: Give string size to 500 in property of field

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tools for monitoring performance in AX 2012

1. Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor is the basic tool for obtaining an overview of performance. You can review the CPU, disk, and memory counters to find performance issues. After you have identified a time frame during which your system may have experienced performance problems, you can add more specific counters to understand the problem in more detail.

Performance Monitor is a simple yet powerful visualization tool for viewing performance data, both in real time and from log files. With it, you can examine performance data in a graph, histogram, or report.

Membership in the local Performance Log Users group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

To start Performance Monitor

1.     Click Start, click in the Start Search box, type perfmon, and press ENTER.
2.     In the navigation tree, expand Monitoring Tools, and then click Performance Monitor. You can also use Performance Monitor to view real-time performance data on a remote computer. Membership in the target computer's Performance Log Users group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

To connect to a remote computer with Performance Monitor

     Start Performance Monitor.
2.     In the navigation tree, right-click Reliability and Performance, and then click Connect to another computer.
3.     In the Select Computer dialog box, type the name of the computer you want to monitor, or click Browse to select it from a list.
4.     Click OK.

For more details, follow the below links:

2. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trace Parser
Trace Parser ships with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Trace Parser consolidates information from multiple sources, such as remote procedure calls (RPCs) and Microsoft SQL Server, to provide an integrated view of application performance at run time.

o    Tracing Cockpit Form

3. Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics AX (DynamicsPerf)
DynamicsPerf can be used to collect information from Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL Server. DynamicsPerf consists of a database and a collection of scripts that collect information from SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Based on this information, you can find issues such as expensive queries and locking/blocking. When you have gained experience, you can also use this tool to find inefficient code or business processes.

4. System Center Operations Manager Monitoring Pack for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
The Monitoring Pack can be used to monitor your system. The Monitoring Pack can automatically discover the servers in your environment, monitor server availability, and find violations of setup best practices.

5. Microsoft Visual Studio Profiling Tools 
The Visual Studio Profiling Tools help you identify performance issues in source code and compare the performance of possible solutions. For more information, see the following resources: